OUR COMMITMENT: At Raamco International, we are dedicated to ensuring that all personal information that we collect, as a matter of conducting business, is protected.

WHY WE COLLECT YOUR INFORMATION: We will collect your personal information for any of the following purposes: 1. To determine if you qualify for tenancy 2. To effectively communicate with you 3. To enable accurate processing of invoices and payments 4. To ensure credit is in good standing 5. To act in accordance with all applicable laws 6. To maintain an efficient and organized management operation

WE WILL FIRST OBTAIN YOUR PERMISSION: We will not compile, utilize or reveal any personal information without your written consent, except where allowed or mandated by law. Raamco International Properties Canadian Ltd. will request only the necessary information needed to conduct the transactions that we outlined to you. You may retract your written consent for us to obtain your information, however ample time and a reasonable written explanation must be given.

PROTECTING YOUR INFORMATION: It is our responsibility to keep the information you have provided to us safeguarded. We have secured and will update periodically our filing systems and storage facilities in order to protect your information. Your information will only be available to a select number of employees. If information is required by a third party, and the request is in accordance with government laws, we will provide only what is required for that specific task.

ITíS YOUR INFORMATION: You have the right to know: 1. How we collected your information 2. The purpose for collecting your information 3. Who will be accessing your information You may request, in writing, to have access to your information. This request should be directed to our Privacy Officer. Please provide a form of identification (e.g. a valid photo id). It is important that you specify what information you are requesting. Raamco International assures you that only the explicit information required for the specific individual will be provided to the interested parties. All other information will be concealed. You have the right to ask us to change any information that you feel is inaccurate or incomplete. We will try our best to ensure that your information is up to date. For this reason, it is important to inform us of any changes to your personal information.

REGISTERING A COMPLAINT: You are entitled to register a complaint with Raamco International by contacting our Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will review your complaint with you and investigate any wrongdoings. Should a complaint be warranted, appropriate action will be taken.

WHO TO CONTACT: Our Privacy Officer ensures that all procedures regarding the collection and maintenance of information are being followed. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, want to access your personal information, or register a complaint with us, please contact our Privacy Officer in writing or by phone:

Raamco International
Attention: Privacy Officer
270 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 290
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Phone: 201-567-5991
Fax: 201-567-8862